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About Rad Dx

Rad Dx is a web-based tool to form a concise differential diagnosis of radiologic pathology in diagnostic and interventional imaging.

What is the idea?
It is difficult for the resident and less experienced radiologist to precisely diagnose pathologies seen on CT, MRI, US and radiographs and form an expert differential diagnosis. A web-based and easily accessible tool would be helpful.

What we did
A database containing most pathologies in thoracic, interventional, breast and neuroradiology and their respective radiologic characteristics was created and categorized in a systematic manner. Users can use the program to narrow down the differential diagnosis by selecting parameters from specific categories based on imaging findings and patient demographics, and others.

This web-based online tool will allow residents and less experienced radiologists to develop an expert differential diagnosis based on common CT, MRI, US and radiographic findings. This program may also serve as both a practical interpretation tool for clinical work and as an educational tool. Additional descriptors and algorithms are in process to increase the sensitivity as well as specificity.

We welcome any feedback and suggestions.
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